Arangkel the land of heaven.

Arangkel is a beautiful meadow in Neelam valley, Kashmir. It is almost a 5-hour drive from Muzzafarabad. This beautiful place is a small village, not much crowded but nature lovers are attracted to it. It is a quiet and calm place you can enjoy with your family. The atmosphere there is so peaceful and serene that you can feel nature close to you. If you like the place with silence, greenery, and nature dwelling without any artificial touch to it. Then you must visit this place to enjoy this mesmerizing heavenly beauty. Arangkel is a place with green pastures with a lot of wild animals and different species of birds. So this place is close to nature. The air is clean and pure, you can have deep breaths and you will feel fresh from inside out. This place is a piece of heaven with green fresh meadows with cattle grazing, forests, and waterfalls. There are not many activities to do in ArangKel, it’s a place for those who love sightseeing.

Adventures to do

You can do hiking in the green mountains and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The hike is about an hour and a half and tough at some spots. So be prepared for the rough hike and wear the shoes accordingly. There are trails where you can trek and spend time with nature. There is a chairlift that can take you over the trees and the cold wind there can make you chilly. Riding the cable car will be a thrilling experience for you to see breathtaking views from the glass while you are soaring. If you want to take the chairlift and then start hiking then it will take almost half an hour but quite steep. You can expect rain any time so you must be careful when hiking as the track becomes very muddy and slippery. The walk on the meadows with the freshness of tress will boost up your mood. You can see the snowcapped mountains from there and enjoy the sunsets. 


The weather is moderate in the summer season but you need to take warm clothes while on the chair lift or if you are spending a night there. Although this place does not have urban life facilities, you will find some beautiful and cozy hotels there. You can’t do justice to this place if you go for a day trip, so a night stay is recommended. You can have a bonfire at night and horse riding and trekking during the day will make your trip amazing.

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