Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is one of the most beautiful lake of the world, yes not only in Pakistan but it is no doubt among the beautiful lakes of the world. It is created in the wake of natural disaster caused in 2010. A massive land sliding in Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan buried Attabad village and waterfalls and natural calamities makes Attabad lake accidently which is worth seeing today and a matter of attraction for the visitors who come at Hunza never miss this place to visit.

After driving half an hour from Karimabad, Hunza you reach this heavenly place. Highway is built along the side which goes till the china border. The road is smooth and carpeted and you can travel without any difficulty with the family. The cool and the peaceful atmosphere brings calamity and soothes your soul. There are different activities on this lake that includes boating, jet skiing and fishing. The shimmering turquoise lake is very calm and the ride of the boat is almost for an hour and you got to know that you are enjoying boating over the place which once remained a lively village. Nature has its own ways that the rule and we accept how it takes us to the path. The land has all the beauty that one imagines and poet describes in his poetic statements while expressing nature’s charms. The clear blue sky has also some magical effects on the mind that leaves impression of heaven. 

 Weather in summer season is very soothing, sometimes bright sunny morning with cool breeze and the evenings are often chilly. Usually tourists come for a day trip at Attabad Lake and then go further to different spots in Hunza. In winter the lake remains frozen that has also unmatched beauty of its kind. Usually the roads are closed for tourist after November and all the hotels are closed due to uncertainty of the weather conditions. 

If you plan to visit this natural Lake with your family or friends you get a lot of options for the night stay depending on your budget. The hotels provide all the luxury facilities and also have the activities for its customers. There is also an option for luxury camps that are safety proof. Fishing and barbecue are the activities that are equally enjoyed by elders and kids at the same time. Spend your day under the clear blue sky along with the shade of Karakoram Range and sleep with the tranquil water near you.

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