Ayubia is one of top tourist places in Pakistan.

Ayubia is a beautiful place to visit during your vacations. It has all the natural beauty that one likes to be around. It is located in the district of Abottabad. Tourists like to visit there especially in the summer season. The weather in summer is very pleasant and attracts visitors towards it. The winters are cold and harsh and the snowfall makes this place more beautiful. The white coverings of snow on the mountains and trees make a magical beauty. It is a developed town and you can visit it easily as a day trip and also stay nights there. There are many good hotels for accommodation that offers good food with nice scenery.


It is almost 70km distance from Islamabad. A very nice and beautiful tourist attraction to visit in your free time with family and friends. The famous attractions in Ayubia are the chairlift, Ayubia National park, and the Ayubia pipeline track. These all are the favorites of the tourist who like to experience them all. The chairlift takes you above the trees, gives the feeling of flying in the air. You can enjoy the beautiful scenes of mountains near you and the greenery around you will make your mood fresh. It is quite a busy place in the summer season where you have to wait in a queue to take a ticket for the chairlift. But waiting for this beautiful ride is worth it. If you like the natural beauty and love to be around it then you must visit Ayubia National park. It is managed by the Department of wildlife and parks. A large number of visitors come and enjoy the natural scenes and beautiful environment there. It is famous for wildlife and the variety of trees present there. Some of the trees and bushes are used for medicinal purposes also. 

Another attraction is the pipeline track which is almost 2km long and connects to Donga gali. This beautiful walking track is surrounded by the natural beauty of trees and mountains. The track is safe to walk for families and kids. The safety grill is placed at the side to avoid any unpleasant injury by falling. You can view beautiful mountains from there that gives a very refreshing feeling. The weather is very nice among the green trees. You can see the white clouds floating near you. The sound of the water falling from the hills and birds chirping will give the best feeling of being close to nature. 

If you are planning to go around some natural beauty with pleasant weather then going to Ayubia is the best decision.   

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