Kalash Valley
Kalash Valley beauty of Pakistan.

Kalash valley in Chitral, Pakistan is one of the most beautiful valleys and tourist attractions in the country. It is situated along with the Hindu Kush mountain range, a beautiful and rich cultural society that is comprised of a small tribe of people who call themselves the decedents of Great Alexander’s soldiers.  Being the minority of the country they mostly belong to the religion of ancient Hinduism. Kalash Valley carries a unique culture of its own, having a unique dress code with its customs and traditions. This valley is famous for its serene beauty, lush green farms, and fruit trees make the tourist attracted to the natural atmosphere around them.

Tourism of the country usually starts from the spring season and is at the full peak around the summer. Kalash valley is also crowded with lovers of nature and those who are very fond to explore new places and visit the historical affiliated sites. Although the Kalash valley is underdeveloped and the infrastructure is not so updated as compared to other northern areas of Pakistan but still this place holds a special place for tourists to visit. The travel distance from Islamabad to Chitral is almost 8 to 9 hours by car and there is an airport in Chitral that many people use this option for a direct flight to land in this beautiful valley. Unfortunately, the roads are not paved through bumpy which needs an experienced driver to drive safely on these mountains. There are three main valleys to visit there including Bumbruet, Kalash, and Rumbur, each one has its specialty and uniqueness. Though not many lavish hotels there but you may find a good guest house in Bumbruet. One thing very special and unique about the Kalashi people that many tourists love to visit is their open graveyard. People of Kalash do not bury their dead they leave their dead bodies in an open grave and leave their belongings there too. They believe that souls of the bodies are happy to leave this world to meet their loved ones already left so they do not mourn over their dead.

Rumbur is surrounded by beautiful mountains and waterfalls. Tourists enjoy the beauty of trekking and hiking. When you visit this beautiful valley make sure to respect the privacy of Kalashi people although they are very friendly and always welcome the guests but get very annoyed if you take photographs of their women without asking permission. Enjoy the natural surroundings and explore the beauty of this country is blessed with.

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