Khewra Mines:

Khewra mines are the world's second-largest salt mines. It is located almost 160 km far from Islamabad at the foothills of Khewra. It is quite popular among tourist who likes to explore historic places. School and college usually arrange trips to Khewra mines to teach children about the treasure Pakistan is having. These educational trips carry lots of importance and the children learn about the history and discovering of the mines. It was first discovered when Alexender the great horses start liking the rocks, and when tried to know the reason found out that they were salt rocks. Many foreigners like to visit this place. 

To reach this place you have to travel on motorway M2 and exit from Lila interchange. The drive when you leave the motorway is not a good one you have to bear the bumps and uneven roads. This mine is maintained by the government authorities and has an entry ticket for the visitors. The mine is almost a kilometer long. There is a train that takes the passengers from the start of the mine and takes a round of the whole mine. Many foreigners, children, and elderly people usually take a ride on this train who cannot walk through it. You must wear joggers or shoes that are comfortable to walk in if you like to explore the mine on foot. The walls of the salt mine are beautifully carved. Beautiful architectural talent is shown inside the mine. There is a beautiful mosque made up of salt, Minar e Pakistan and other sculptures made of salt are placed there. There is a palace made up of salt inside the mine which shows a masterpiece of art. The lights and the design of the palace are something to be praised differently. Different salt lamps and decoration pieces are kept for sale inside the mine. Different stalls of salt decorations and unique items are placed for the visitors to purchase. But the prices of these items are quite high as compared to the shops outside the mine. So it is recommended to buy from the PMDC shop or the locals outside the mine or on the roadside after bargaining. 

If you want to explore a historic place like Khewra salt mine then you must visit this place with your family. It is a place which should be must be visited once in a lifetime with your kids or friends. Pink Himalaya’s salt there is famous around the world because of its qualities. It is believed that this place is good for asthmatic patients and those having skin problems. There is a canteen for the food from where you can buy snacks and tea for yourself.

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