MoolaChotok Waterfall :

MoolaChotok is the hidden and mesmerizing treasure place located at the khuzdar, Balochistan. The beauty that MoolaChotok carries is the fact that Baluchistan has the most exciting and breathtaking views. It is not explored by the majority of the tourists. Usually, people travel to the north of the country to spend their vacations and explore the natural areas. But Baluchistan is having beautiful mountains and green landscapes that are in no reason behind the beauty of any tourist attraction in northern areas of Pakistan. Every place has its own beauty and attraction that it is famous for. MoolaChotok is famous among the people who love adventurous and challenging trips. This place is usually visited by the males and avoided by the families because of its hard nature. 

The place is heavenly beautiful but the way to reach the destination is only for those who want some adventures in their lives. There is no proper road, and the time to reach MoolaChotok from Khuzdar is 4 to 5 hours and 8 to 9 hours from Karachi. The whole travel is off-roading on 4x4 wheel drive. You can hire a jeep or any 4x4 vehicle from Khuzdar that can cost you around 12000 to 15000 for a round trip. The car will take you to the mountainous terrain with a lot of off-roading and ups and downs on the stones hence you must expect a complete rough drive. The route to the waterfall will drive you across the fields of mangoes, lemons, olive gardens, and oranges. These attractive views from the fresh orchards will make your mood lift and you can enjoy the organic fruits there.  

Once you reach the MoolaChotok waterfall you will forget the worries and enjoy the serenity and peaceful environment there. This place is out of the urban life with no noise pollution. The population is very less with few local families and some tourists there. The water from the hills comes with the splash and the surroundings make you fall in love with this. The scene is worth the hard and long travel. The chirping of the birds and the sound of water is something that will refresh you even after you leave the place. You can spend the night while camping under the sun and enjoy open activities like cooking your food with music and dance. ChotaChotok is another place worth seeing that is present almost 2 hours of hiking and trekking with some local guides. 

This heavenly place is best to visit is from September to November and then from March till April. After that, there will be scorching heat that will hinder your enjoyment. 

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