Naltar Valley – Magical Beauty

Naltar Valley

Naltar valley has many adventurous eye-catching sights and magical beauty. Naltar valley is famous for its lush green sceneries and famous lakes and the world’s most organic potatoes fields. It attracts tourists through the green forests, natural wildlife, unique birds, and the peaceful and pollution-free environment. 

It is an all-weather tour destination. The summer season welcomes the tourist with fresh air and ornament beauty and the winter season has the attraction of skiing. Each season has its activities to enjoy. The only thing that is not good there is the roads to reach there. After almost two hour drive from Gilgit, you reach this magical place. It is recommended to hire a 4 x 4 jeep due to its bumpy and non-even roads. The whole journey is full of adventure and thrill especially after the zero point as you travel on the paths of rocks and stones with the thick forest around and an attractive river. Naltar valley has the most beautiful lakes in the world, whose water is crystal clear and has lush green surroundings. The color of the lakes is green due to the lush green surroundings and grasses inside the water. Lake 1 and Lake 2 are accessible through the jeep drive but the third one needs trekking of almost 45 minutes. After the hard trekking, you deserve the breathtaking scenes to enjoy. Naltar lakes or Bashkiri lakes are famous for their emerald, aquamarine, and azure color water. From here you can see the snow-covered peak of Rakaposhi very clearly and seems very near.  

The captivating views after the bumpy drive make you realize the worth of this place. This place has a chairlift attraction for its tours that goes up the mountains where the beauty of heaven can be seen and enjoyed.  

During the winter Naltar valley offers you the experience of skiing. This attraction has made this place even more charming for the visitors. The ski resort is run by Pakistan Air Force. It offers ski lifts that are an exceptionally amazing lifetime experience.  This valley is developing at a rapid pace and many hotels and guest houses are being built for accommodation for the tourists. 

If you are a nature lover and love to explore the natural beauty, far from the urban life then you must take out some time and dare to travel on somehow roads of stones and rocks. This will take you to the rural and the close to natural surroundings. 

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