Naltar Valley:
A valley in North west of Gilgit Baltistan.

Naltar Valley is in the North West of Gilgit Baltistan. It is a lush green gorge 19 kilometers up and behind the mountains and 40km away from Gilgit. It is an amazing place and the valley is greatly wooden with the trees of pine, spruces, birch, rowan, and juniper.  This place is famous for the snow-capped mountains, beautiful summers, Naltar Lakes, the longest chairlift in Gilgit Baltistan, peace, wildlife, and the amazing Ski slope.

To the Naltar

If you want to take a trip to Gilgit Baltistan, visiting Naltar is the best place for you. To start your journey, you have to leave behind the Karakoram Highway at Gilgit. It will take two hours via jeep ride to reach via the west back of the Hunza River to Nomal Village. You cannot drive your car because the track is bumpy, uneven, and dangerous. So, a jeep ride is the only safe ride if you want to reach Nalter from Gilgit. The total distance you need to cover is about 47 kilometers. Nalter is also the starting point for two longer treks. One trek starts across the Naltar Pass and it is about 4,600 meters and it stretches to Ishkoman. The other trek crosses the Daintar Pass to Chalt.

Ski Training Base

You will find many amazing activities in Naltar Valley; Natlar winter snow skiing is one of them. There is a Pakistan Air Force Ski training base. So the Pakistan Ski Federation organizes a ski tournament in February. In winter, you will have the wonderful experience of skiing and tourists love to visit the area just because of its slopes that motivate skiing. Your trip will be the most memorable journey in your life. The valley is full of beauty and the experience is certainly worth taking. The center of the valley which is Naltar Bala is a place full of majestic beauty. Tourists find this place amazing and must-visit when they visit Gilgit. The landscape and the scenery of the area are truly pleasant and



Naltar Valley in winter is full of adventure. You will find snow everywhere and the trip is so amazing that we cannot describe it in words. You can only feel the majestic beauty of the place once you reach there. However, it is also very important to exercise caution when you are in this area. Read all details before you start your journey. It is more important that you follow your guide instructions when you are in that area. 

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