Pakistan most hospitable country in the World – Drew Binsky

Popular US-based Travel Vlogger, Drew Binsky has visited Pakistan in March 2019 and declared Pakistan the most hospitable country in the world. Free of Cost In one of this videos Drew said that he did not spend a penny during his visit to Pakistan. he said that people were so generous towards the foreign travelers and they warmly welcome them and always people offered him food and gifts with no cost. During his stay in Pakistan visited all major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Northern areas of Pakistan. Drew Fall in Love Drew falls in love with Pakistan vibrant culture, tasty food, and hospitality of the people of Pakistan Further in his vlog he said that he will definitely come back to Pakistan again as Pakistan has become one of his favorite destination in the world. 

In one of his video, he said, “Along with Iran, Pakistan is the world’s most misconceived and misunderstood country. If you’ve ever been here, then you’ll know…”

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