Rohtas Fort:

Rohtas fort is one of the most famous historic tourist spots in Pakistan. The people who like to explore the historic places and keep the love for ancient civilization love to visit this. Educational trips are organized at Rohtas Fort where the visitors explore this beautiful piece of art. It was built by Sher shah Suri in 16 century. It is located near Jehlum Punjab. It takes almost 4 hours from Lahore and 2 hours from Islamabad to reach Rohtas Fort. The fort is stretched at 4 km in circumference that cannot be covered in one day. If you want to visit this amazing place you must start your journey early in the morning. In this way you may get ample time to explore this heritage site. The road condition is good from Dina till the fort so you can travel there without any fuss of broken roads. 


The best time to visit it is in the winters or in the mid season when the weather is pleasant. As the fort is quite huge, wide and open, the summer’s sun seems to be overhead. 

It has the large walls that helped for its defense against the enemies. This huge fort has 12 gates and beautiful architectural design that attracts the tourists towards it. The beautiful design of the fort is unique and marvelous. Those who have the love for historic artistic design can truly understand the importance of it. 

The fort has a museum inside it where you can find lots of amazing ancient pieces. These artistic pieces remind you of the ancient times and indulge you in the history. Being around the artistic walls will take you to that historical era. The magically strong and beautiful walls, the underground walkways and the long stairs are the real beauty of this historical spot. The fort is so big that you may get tired of walking and going through different areas. The masterpiece of history speaks for itself as a place worth visiting.

After visiting this grand fort you may feel very tired but in the end it will create memories of being in one of the biggest historical places of the subcontinent. There are not such proper restaurants nearby, just some hawkers or stalls. You must take the food, especially water with you as walking and climbing the huge stairs may make you thirsty. There are local guides roaming there who offer their services to tell you the history of this place. You can hire one of them for your group who charges per hour rate. For those who love to explore the ancient historic sites, you must visit this place. 

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