Umbrella Waterfall – Master Piece of Nature

Umbrella Water Fall

Umbrella waterfall is a newly emerged waterfall located in the Sajikot, Abbottabad. It is one of the beautiful natural waterfalls of Pakistan. It has become the new tourist attraction and is visited by hundreds of visitors during the summer season. This eye-catching natural waterfall was discovered by a group of hiking lovers. It went viral on the internet after the YouTube channel ‘Shams Shouqat films’ posted a vlog about it. The waterfall and the surrounding area are so beautiful that tourists travel from faraway places to visit this after the viral video. 

Sajikot Umbrella waterfall

Where Umbrella Waterfall is Located

This beautiful waterfall is located 27 kilometers away from Havelian. When you reach the village of Poona you have to hike down 30 to 45 minutes to witness this beauty. It is quite near to the famous Sajikot waterfall. As this spot is newly discovered, the road to reach this place is not well paved. Even hiking is quite tough. If there is rain then the hiking area becomes very slippery. So you have to be careful about it. Wear the proper shoes to avoid tripping.

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How to Reach Umbrella Waterfal

You can plan to spend a day with your family or friends to explore this artwork of nature. This place has the route from Islamabad, Pirsohawa, and Nathiyagali. The better way is from Islamabad from the Hazara motorway. To reach this place from Islamabad you have to travel on the Hazara motorway and take an exit on Shah Maqsood. After reaching Havelian and then 10 minutes after Sajikot you will see a Bazar. At Bazar near Masjid, you have to park your car and get on the way to hike from Poona village. There is a steep hill that leads you to the marvelous Umbrella waterfall. It is a moderate hike downwards but quite difficult to come back on the steep hill. You can reach the site in two ways. One way is for the adventurous hikers who love to trek and there is a rope to repel the bottom. The other way is usually used by the families which is a leveled one. Horses are also available to ride and reach there.

hike down about 30 to 45 minutes from the village of Poona

When you reach this place, you will find this as a piece of heaven. The waterfall lies between the mountains and green trees. The water is crystal clear but there are no fish in it. The sound of splashing water and the peaceful and cooler atmosphere makes this place a perfect place for a picnic. Many families visit this place and enjoy their time around the peaceful Mother Nature. Take out some time from your routine life and give yourself a break with this splendid beauty. This place is best visited from May to September. 

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